Specialty Massage

Honey Bee Massage:

                  Green Acre Massage (CBD):


Red Light Massage:
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Honey bee myofascial massage- Honey is one of our only food sources that never expires due to it’s antibacterial/ anti-fungal properties. Enjoy a relaxing deep myofascial release as the honey tugs on the skin and absorbs into the spinal points. Helps with inflammation, seasonal allergies, and boosts immunity. Finished off with honey essential oil to boost effectiveness.


60 Minutes = $110

90 Minutes= $130


Green acres massage (CBD)- CBD has been shown to promote sound sleep, help with chronic pain, used as an anti-inflammatory, and more. Get the ultimate relaxation experience and take your massage to the next level with our high potent CBD oil.


60 Minutes = $95

90 Minutes= $115

Euphoria Duo Massage:
Invigorate the senes with stimulation on both sides of the body at once with this euphoric massage. Two therapists work on both sides of the body at once to receive twice as much work in one session. 
60 Minutes = $135
90 Minutes = $190

Red light massage- red light therapy uses near-infrared light (NIR) to penetrate deep into the skin and absorb at a cellular level for rejuvenation. Helps with neuropathic pain and speeds up healing. Our special pad can be placed anywhere on the body to enhance your healing experience.


60 Minutes= $95

90 Minutes = $115

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